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Aug 16, 2023

Neale Donald Walsch is the author of 29 Books. He is a modern-day spiritual messenger whose words have touched the world in profound ways.

With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning...

Aug 16, 2023

Find out about The Painless Way to Find Your Next Great Watch on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Apple TV+, Peacock, Paramount+, and Other Popular Streamers as Ken D Foster interviews author Aaron Barnhart. 


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Aug 2, 2023

Tom spent more than thirty years in a traditional corporate career leading engineering software development teams. His teams created and supported multiple software systems for collaborating engineering communities within large organizations like Exxon and NASA.

Today, Tom Teague has earned a Ph.D. He is an online...

Aug 2, 2023

The organization is the key to living a harmonious life. Today we are talking about how to get organized no matter how much chaos is in your life. The extremely unorganized person is a hoarder or someone who really doesn’t care, on the other side is a controlling personalities maybe OCD personalities that have to have...