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Dec 22, 2018

Today we discuss having the courage to make impactful investments in our health and relationships.


Tomorrow is New Year's Eve which means that millions of people are going to make resolutions, only to break them shortly after.

Making New Year's resolutions is a positive thing, but we need to have an actual strategy in...

Dec 22, 2018

Today we discuss how to have more love and success in our lives and amplify our true potential.


Whether you want to accelerate your metabolism, career, relationships, business, friendships, or financial success, it all starts with accelerating love and gratitude. And with the holiday season in full effect, what...

Dec 16, 2018

Today we discuss overcoming the stress, challenges, and chaos that often accompany us during the holiday season.


The majority of us are looking forward to having a really great holiday experience with our loved ones, but this time of year can get pretty stressful. We have so much on our minds and things start to seem...

Dec 8, 2018

Today we discuss how to instantly shift your mindset and live a happier and more empowered life.


Each and every one of us is a work in progress that faces countless challenges in life. Most of these challenges are very difficult to overcome without a real sense of who we really are at our core. It’s when we are able...

Dec 2, 2018

Today we discuss getting to the root cause of addiction and exploring what it means to live a life of sobriety.

What is really going on with addiction? Is it good versus evil, is it a lack of morals or willpower, an ignorance of how addiction works, or is it something else altogether?

Addiction is a very complex...