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Jul 8, 2019

In today's episode, we discuss getting present with ourselves and living from a place of full expression. We explore:


- Taking the time to notice and reflect on what is and isn't working in our lives

- Learning how to reveal the truth of who we are and live from a place of full expression

- Getting truly present with our own thoughts, bodies, and experiences in life

- Taking responsibility for everything that's happening in our lives in order to grow

- What it means to live in full expression and how we can live in full expression of our truth

- Why limiting beliefs stop us from making changes and taking full advantage of our lives

- Tuning in to our own spirit and moving past what's blocking us from our true selves

- Becoming intentional and making conscious decisions that are aligned with our truth

- The identity crisis in America and how it's impacting success and joy in people's lives

- How humans can connect with horses through non-verbal communication

- The five social parameters that need to be present between a horse and a human